Sea Salt and Hummus

What’s it like eating a snack that’s magically nutritious and delectable at the same time? Imagine a ship cresting over an enchanted sea, in the midst of epic adventure, with you standing boldly at the prow, windswept in the sea spray.

Not only are you champion of the high seas, you also rule salty snacks because you’re surrounded by the freshest, tangiest sea salt ever, and it’s all yours to sprinkle over every magical meal. Ok, so maybe that’s just a wonderful fantasy, but Sea Salt and Hummus Wicked Crisps are a fantastic new veggie snack with a surprisingly delightful taste and genuine nutrition packed right in.

We start with a chickpea hummus crisp, then lightly sprinkle with fresh sea salt to create one truly enchanting, good-for-you treat. After the first bite, you’ll feel buoyed by the wicked good nutrition and wicked great taste in each one.

made with non-gmo ingredients, certified gluten-free, kosher


Hummus Crisp (Pea Flour, Pea and/or Potato Starch, Gram Flour, Pea and/or Potato Fiber, Salt) Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Rosemary Extract.


This product is produced in a facility that processes products using soy.

cheesy cheese pizza

roasted garlic and Asiago cheese

red curry hummus

sea salt and hummus


sweet potato soufflé

spring vegetable medley

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