Meet Our Founder

We believe that with unlimited creativity and thoughtful focus, we can make magic in a snack.

You don’t have to choose between amazing your taste buds and watching your health. You can do both with our crisps. We take pride in using original recipes and nutritious ingredients to conjure up snacks, just for you, that won’t hex your health needs. Wicked Crisps doesn’t use nasty ingredients because we use our powers for good. Wicked good.

It all started with a dreamer who had more chip magic in his little finger than most mortals have in their whole bodies.

A photo of young Phil

A story with heart

Founder Phil Kosak talks about Wicked Crisps' culture, inspiring employees with disabilities, and launching Wicked Crisps.

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A photo of young Phil

Meet Phil Kosak

He has figured out the secret formula - using his scientific know-how to create a tempting selection of treats so hard to resist that the attraction feels like magic. Phil’s been on this mission for decades, getting his Ph.D. in food science and microbiology so he could understand what makes a chip a chip – down to the molecular level.

Then he was snapped up by the biggest chip makers in the world where he invented some of the top brands you enjoy today. But he wasn’t satisfied with just ordinary flavor. He knew he could innovate the chip to such dizzying heights that each crunch was a gastronomical experience. And he did. Just tear into a fantastical bag of Wicked Crisps and savor the tastes conjured up by our flavor wizard who has pulled off the ultimate trick: crafting chips that are a savory explosion while being fabulously healthy.

Phil came from amazing parents who taught him the transformational power of caring.

Phil’s dad dedicated himself to many heroic exploits during World War II, and that deeply affected his son. He learned to never, never give up and that people are worth believing in. Phil’s buoyant Mom gave him her can-do spirit. Mom and Dad showed him how to look for why it CAN work, instead of why it CAN’T. To use his metaphor, "If the glass has one drop, it's half-full."

So Phil took the lessons of the past and built his vision of the future. Hence that super-cool Janus illustration on our bags. He identifies with a figure who, back in the day, could famously look in two directions to see the past and the future at once.

The Wicked Crisps Girls

Phil knew he could do more, and help people be more.

He built a company that is people-focused, supporting his North Carolina community with jobs for workers who might have been overlooked by typical employers. Phil sees that people are not only defined by their past. He sees the extraordinary potential in people and is committed to helping them find their own magic.

Photo of Phil

It always comes back to the crisp

Can scrumptious and healthy happen at once? Must we limit ourselves to something that tastes crazy delicious OR is good for you? At least Phil didn’t think so.

Now, Phil and the people of Wicked Crisps make amazingly tasty and healthy crisps for the sole purpose of surprising and delighting you. It’s a collection of flavors and textures so revolutionary, so addictive that you too will enjoy the best of both worlds; nutrition and flavor together at last. The result is cradled in a bag that glows in your shopping cart and will be lucky to survive the ride home if you don't rip into it and eat it all first. (Pro tip: get two bags. One will “mysteriously disappear” and then another will “magically reappear” for your family later. Ta-dah!)

One bite and, abracadabra, your taste buds will give you a standing ovation, throw roses on the stage, and demand an encore. So don’t be alarmed, or surprised, if you have a similar reaction after crunching into your first dazzling bite of Wicked Crisps.

Thanks, Phil.

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